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Most Common Types Of Motorcycle Accidents: A Guide For Personal Injury Victims

Most Common Types of Motor Cycle Accidents

Every year, thousands of motorcyclists face the harsh reality of roadway accidents, some resulting in serious injury. Understanding the common types of these accidents can not only assist in preventing them but also in formulating a solid case if you find yourself a victim.

Navigating the legal aftermath of such accidents can be overwhelming. The Law Offices of Chip Forstall reviews the most common motorcycle accident types, helping you better understand the situation and the necessary steps to take for potential personal injury claims.

Delving Into The Four Major Categories Of Motorcycle Accidents

Bearing The Brunt: Head-On Collisions And Left-Turn Accidents

Head-on collisions and left-turn accidents are unfortunately frequent and often carry devastating consequences. These incidents occur when a vehicle directly strikes a motorcycle or makes a sudden left turn, disregarding the oncoming motorcycle’s right of way.

In personal injury cases, establishing liability is crucial. The vehicle’s driver is typically held responsible for head-on collisions unless they can provide substantial evidence proving otherwise. Factors such as intoxicated driving, distracted driving, or crossing into the opposing lane can strengthen the case against the driver. Moreover, road conditions, signage visibility, and speed limits play a significant role in determining liability.

Similarly, in left-turn accidents, the turning driver is generally considered at fault due to their failure to yield to oncoming traffic, including motorcycles. However, exceptions can arise if the motorcyclist exceeds the speed limit, runs a red light, or behaves negligently. It is vital to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident to ascertain liability accurately.

Single Motorcycle Accidents: When No Other Vehicle Is Involved

Single motorcycle accidents, also known as solo motorcycle accidents, encompass situations where the rider loses control of their bike, resulting in a crash without direct engagement from another vehicle.

These type of motorcycle accidents can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Mechanical failures: Some riders may experience a loss of control due to mechanical failures within their motorcycles. Brake malfunctions or tire blowouts are typical examples of such failures. These unexpected issues can drastically impact a rider’s ability to maintain control of their bike and navigate safely.
  • Defective motorcycle parts: Defective parts pose a significant risk to riders. Even with proper maintenance, if the motorcycle is equipped with faulty components, it can increase the likelihood of accidents. Defects in critical parts like brakes, steering mechanisms, or electrical systems can result in sudden failures while riding, leading to loss of control and potential crashes.

In cases where mechanical failures or defective parts contribute to single motorcycle accidents, seeking the assistance of an attorney becomes paramount. By holding the manufacturers or distributors accountable for the faulty components, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can strengthen the credibility of your personal injury case, significantly improving the likelihood of a positive resolution in your favor.

The Unseen Danger: Lane-Splitting And Dooring Accidents

Accidents involving motorcycles, particularly those pertaining to lane-splitting and dooring incidents, pose a substantial degree of danger and often present intricate challenges in determining guilt. These specific types of motorcycle mishaps not only enhance the risk factor but also complicate the process of ascertaining who bears the legal responsibility for the unfortunate event.

These type of motorcycle accidents include: 

  • Lane-splitting accidents: Motorcycles navigating confined spaces between slow-moving or stationary traffic lanes, increasing collision risk. The hazards are amplified by reduced visibility and close proximity to other vehicles. In Louisiana, lane-splitting is not legal. 
  • Dooring incidents: Collisions triggered when a vehicle door abruptly opens into a motorcyclist’s path. The unexpected nature of these incidents catches riders off guard and escalates the risk of accidents.

Establishing liability in these types of accident cases often depends on jurisdictional laws and the behavior of involved parties. For lane-splitting, liability hinges on whether it’s permitted and if the motorcyclist exercised reasonable care.

In contrast, dooring accidents typically attribute liability to the person who inconsiderately opened the vehicle door.

Motorcycle Collision with Car Door

Blind Spot Accidents: The Invisible Menace

Motorcycles, being smaller than most vehicles, often go unnoticed in a driver’s blind spots. This can set the stage for severe accidents, especially when drivers change lanes. If drivers don’t check their blind spots carefully, they can unintentionally crash into a motorcycle they didn’t see.

The situation can get even trickier with fast and unpredictable traffic flow, leaving almost no chance to correct a mistake. When this happens, the driver’s carelessness usually gets them in trouble. Still, they might try to blame the biker, saying they were riding recklessly or too close to their vehicle.

Here are some critical types of evidence that can make your case stronger:

  • Eyewitness testimonies: Provide an objective perspective of the incident, offering valuable insights into the circumstances leading to the accident.
  • Traffic camera footage: If available, this gives a clear visual record of the events leading up to the collision, offering concrete proof of the incident’s sequence and its participants.
  • Damage assessment reports: Prepared by certified mechanics or accident reconstruction experts, these reports can help determine the direction and impact of the collision, further supporting your negligence claim.

All these pieces of evidence can strengthen your case, proving the other party was negligent and improving your chances of getting fair compensation.

Navigating Motorcycle Accidents With The Law Offices Of Chip Forstall

Grappling with the complexities of motorcycle accidents can be daunting, particularly in the bustling streets of New Orleans. From head-on collisions to single-motorcycle incidents and blind spot accidents, understanding the nuances of each scenario can significantly bolster your personal injury claim.

At The Law Offices of Chip Forstall, we are dedicated to helping you understand the legalities involved and ensuring that justice is served. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are ready to guide you through this challenging and emotional journey.

Don’t navigate this process alone. Your quest for justice begins with a single call. Contact us for a consultation through our online contact form or by calling us directly at 504-483-3400. Let our expertise work for you in your pursuit of a fair outcome.

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